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The common cold

Join this Vicfix campaign to nose out time-honoured cures for coughs and colds

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About the common cold

It's rare to get through winter without waking up with the sore throat, aching limbs and wracking cough that mean one thing: you've caught a dratted cold. Articles advising we feed it or starve it have always been a staple of newspapers and magazines, with recommended remedies spanning the practical and fanciful.

Suggested cures include gulping lungfuls of fresh air, sucking mentholine jujubes, applying a linseed poultice, snorting saltwater, drinking hot barley water or, failing all else, sipping a wineglassful of whisky or brandy. All are in agreement, however, that prevention is far better than cure for the common malady that has plagued us for centuries.

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The common cold

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