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Vicfix is improving the searchability of digitised newspaper articles and making the hidden details of Victoria's rich history available for everyone.

About casseroles

Made of porcelain or earthenware, traditional casseroles were as deep as they were broad, with one or two handles and a lid. Cooking en casserole was hailed by time- and cash-poor Victorian housewives as a worthwhile economy because the one-pot meal saved time on preparation and washing up; also the slow cooking rendered palatable old or cheap cuts of meat. 

Historic newspaper articles describe the difference between British casseroles and French earthenware; publish tried-and-tested casserole recipes from home cooks, professional chefs and industry peak bodies (including the Australian Wine Board, which recommended liberal additions of 'chablis, hock or riesling'); and offer hints on caring for earthenware pots, including an initial seasoning before use, and care not to expose the vessel to sudden extremes of temperature.

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