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About caravanning, 1920sā€“1950s

Caravanning gained popularity in the 1930s as a cheap and enjoyable way of holiday-making, bringing to the camper the pleasures of the open road, seashore and countryside with all the convenience and comfort of a miniature home. Such was their appeal that new companies were formed to establish caravan parks in popular touring districts like Lorne, Torquay and Mallacoota; and in 1920 the RACV established a caravan club to represent caravan owners on the road. 

Historic newspaper articles describe the attractions of the caravanning lifestyle and offer safety suggestions for driving with a caravan attached to a motor car. They also relate instances of community opposition, such as in Geelong, to the 'wop wops' and 'savages' who were perceived to reside in caravan parks. 

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Caravan park, Echuca, Rose Stereograph Co, postcard, c 1920-1954

Caravanning 1920sā€“1950s

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