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About calisthenics

Calisthenics (from the Greek 'kallos' – beauty and 'thenos' – strength) came to prominence in Victoria in the late 1900s as a type of physical culture for adults. The form gradually evolved from exercise to performance – incorporating costumes, music and weight-bearing props like rods and clubs – and attracted younger (mostly female) participants. By the 1930s over 100 calisthenics clubs existed in Victoria, while in state schools the 'graceful art' of calisthenics became part of the curriculum.

Historic newspapers from the first half of the 20th century published the results of calisthenics competitions and notices of calisthenics performances, which were often augmented by musical renditions of patriotic and nostalgic songs. 

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Women employees at Bryant & May during a calisthenics class, Charles J Frazer, c 1920–1930, gelatin silver photograph, Bryant & May Collection, State Library Victoria


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