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Bee keeping

Join this Vicfix campaign to sweeten reports of beekeeping and bee culture in early Victoria

Vicfix is improving the searchability of digitised newspaper articles and making the hidden details of Victoria's rich history available for everyone.

About beekeeping in Victoria 1860–1949

Even before Victoria separated from NSW, apiarists dreamed of a future where forests would be scientifically planned to maximise honey production. By 1906, beekeeping was so popular that nearly two million pounds of honey was made in Victoria alone. Soldiers returning after WWI were encouraged to keep bees, and fashionable ladies of the time considered beekeeping to be more 'lovely, exciting and interesting' than keeping a pet puppy.

Historic newspapers are abuzz with enduring tips, lore and hints for beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, such as placing hives near blossoms rich in both pollen and nectar, how to build hives from simple wooden crates, how to use a smoker and suggestions for keeping bees well-fed over autumn and winter. 

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The bees swarm, Edward Wilson, watercolour with ink and pencil on paper, c 1842-1878

Bee keeping

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