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Austerity cooking

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About austerity cooking

When Prime Minister Curtin counselled Australians to marshall their resources to defeat the enemy, Victorian housewives contributed by practising austerity in the kitchen. They strove to conserve food and fuel without sacrificing nutrition or taste – and, whatever austerity might mean, it certainly did not mean going without pudding.

Historic newspapers of the time report on well-attended public demonstrations of austerity cooking across the state, and published regular austerity tips which included nuggets such as thickening soup with porridge, placing silverbeet leaves at either end of the sandwich dish instead of paper doileys, and tricking up macaroni to taste like potato!

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Members of the AAMWS learning cookery and working in kitchens, The Argus, Melbourne, c 1942 - c 1943, Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs, State Library Victoria

Austerity cooking

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