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The Ashes

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About The Ashes

A battle of Empire disguised as a gentleman's game, The Ashes has aroused passion and partisanship since the fateful ninth Test match between England and Australia in 1882. The 1930s were a fabled era of the game, with the invincible Don Bradman and the 'unsportsmanlike' bodyline incident both featuring during this decade.

Historic newspaper articles from the '30s reported on the men who bowled, batted, fielded and kept wickets for Australia, including 'Our Don', and the bodyline incident that 'nearly destroyed the Commonwealth'; published readers' letters and poems on the game; speculated on who should be selected for that season's First Eleven; reviewed the day's play and explained the origin of the term 'The Ashes'.

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Gregory turns Hammond to leg, Herald and Weekly Times, 1937

The Ashes

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