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Adam Lindsay Gordon

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About Adam Lindsay Gordon

Police officer, poet, jockey, politician – Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833–70) travelled many roads in his short life. Sent to the colonies to make a fresh start after a wild adolescence, the troubled spirit developed a reputation here as a daring horse rider, magnificent poet and sensitive soul.

Gordon's poetry was little recognised during his lifetime, but after his death by suicide at the age of 37 his work was increasingly feted. Historic reports detail the events leading up to the poet's demise, along with personal reminiscences of his horse-riding exploits, descriptions of the annual pilgrimages made by fans to his gravesite and, in 1934, the unveiling of his bust in Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey. He remains the only Australian poet to be commemorated in the Abbey.

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Adam Lindsay Gordon (not after 1870)

Adam Lindsay Gordon

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