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The extraordinary Walter and Helena Cass Collection spans more than 100 years and 1000 items. It tells a powerful personal story of war, love and social change during a time of momentous transformation around the world.

Help us raise $100,000 by 30 June to bring the Cass Collection to all Victorians.

Help bring this untold story to light

This vast collection gives us unique insights into war hero Brigadier Walter Cass, who served at Gallipoli and Fromelles, and led the funeral procession for Sir John Monash. It also reveals his wife Helena’s post-war reinvention from army nurse to socialite, pioneering radio broadcaster and renowned journalist.

This rare treasure trove includes original photographs, military trench maps, stunning Gallipoli watercolour prints, wartime uniforms, love letters, journals and cherished personal possessions. Together, they give us a new, intimate perspective on events that shaped 20th-century Australia.

These stories are currently inaccessible. Extensive work is needed to sort, preserve and protect these historic items before they can be shared. Your donation is critical to making this happen.

Vital conservation behind the scenes

Your generous support will enable us to repair and rehouse fragile artefacts, unravel the rich stories buried in these letters, diaries and documents and catalogue all items to make them available for everyone to discover and explore.

Our highly skilled preservation and conservation teams undertake intricate and detailed work.

The Cass Collection belongs to all Victorians

The incredible Walter and Helena Cass collection – and the untold stories with it – are so important to our understanding of Victorian and world history. Please help us preserve and share this irreplaceable collection with future generations. Every dollar helps.

Bring an untold story to light. Support the Walter and Helena Cass Collection appeal today.