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Barrett Reid Scholarship: Frequently asked questions

Is the selection panel looking for applications on a particular theme or topic this year?

No, the selection panel has no preconceived ideas on what topics, themes or activities will be funded each year. A brief overview of previous scholarship recipients and their research topic are detailed on the State Library Victoria website. Applications are assessed on their merit and on the benefits they will bring to the individual, their library service and the Victorian library sector, as outlined in the selection criteria.

Is there a minimum amount for a Scholarship application?

There is no minimum amount, but applicants should keep in mind that the Scholarship is intended to fund a substantial professional development program.

Many of the previous recipients have used the Scholarship to fund an overseas study tour or secondment. I cannot spend an extended time away from home due to family commitments. Can I still apply for a Scholarship?

Yes, there are many options for developing a locally-based Scholarship program. Applications are assessed on individual merit and there is no preference given to overseas activities. Local activities might include a research project within your own library service or another organisation; a secondment or work exchange with another Victorian library service; further study in librarianship, leadership, management or a specialist field; a shorter visit or study tour within Australia; or a combination of several activities. You could also consider collaborating with others on a joint application.

Can I apply for a Scholarship to fund my studies at university or TAFE?

Undertaking a university or TAFE program or a short course is a valid use of Scholarship funds. However, as your proposed Scholarship program must demonstrate benefits to the Victorian library sector, your application is more likely to be successful if formal study is undertaken as part of a broader program of work.

Can I apply for a Scholarship to fund current projects or studies?

The scholarship is not available to fund projects or study already commenced prior to the application deadline.

Can I apply for a Scholarship to fund a research or study program that runs for 2 or 3 years?

Scholarship programs typically run from a few months to up to one year. This is followed by a period of up to 6 months during which the recipient prepares their final report. Due to the annual timing of the Scholarships, it is unlikely that a Scholarship would be awarded for a proposed program over 12 months in duration (excluding the report writing period).

Can I purchase ebook readers/tablets/laptops/mobile phones in order to carry out a research project?

No, you cannot purchase IT equipment using Scholarship funds.

I would like to visit another organisation as part of my Scholarship program. Do I need to contact the host organisation first?

Yes, it is strongly advised that you contact the host organisation to confirm their support prior to making your application.

I am not sure of the exact cost of my airfare or other expenses at this stage. Can I confirm these details later?

Your application should include your best estimate of likely costs based on information available at the time of application. Having a well-researched and realistic budget is an important factor in the selection process. The amount of funding cannot be altered after the Scholarship is approved by the Library Board, but minor changes in expenses (within the budget) are to be expected.

Can I change my itinerary or planned activities once the Scholarship has been awarded?

We recognise that opportunities and challenges may arise during the Scholarship period. Proposed changes to your program should be discussed with the Scholarship administrator. As long as the changes are reasonable, within budget and in line with your original program scope and objectives, it is likely that the changes will be approved.

How much of the Scholarship funds can be put towards staff replacement costs?

We recommend that staff replacement costs constitute no more than one third of the total funds requested (e.g. $5,000 if $15,000 is requested). The employing library service will be required to invoice State Library Victoria for payment of these funds. The balance of the Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the Scholarship recipient at the award ceremony.

I have supplied a letter of support from my library service manager. Can my library service manager also act as a referee?

Yes, your library service manager is welcome to act as one of the two referees, using the supplied form.

How detailed does the final report need to be?

Your final report demonstrates your engagement with your learning experience and should be a professionally presented and thoughtful piece of work. It does not need to be a referenced research paper of publishable quality (although it can be). Your final report will be submitted to the Advisory Committee on Public Libraries (a committee of the Library Board of Victoria), and you may be invited to make a presentation to the Committee. Your report will be shared publicly via Public Libraries Victoria.

Please feel free to contact the Scholarship administrator by emailing [email protected] with any questions or to discuss your proposed Scholarship program.