Volunteer charter

We recognise and appreciate the skill, time and talent that our volunteers bring to the Library. If you're thinking of joining us as a volunteer, thank you. This page will give you some information about us; our vision and values; and how you can expect to be a part of this 'people's university'.

Our vision is to enrich Victorians' lives by giving access to information, knowledge and resources. This defining concept has guided the Library for over 155 years and is informed by our five values of innovation, collaboration, engagement, excellence and respect.

Volunteering at the Library

Over the past 35 years, volunteers have supported the Library in a range of ways: in special collection areas behind the scenes; through directly helping members of the public to use and enjoy the Library's facilities, programs, family activities, events and services; and in assisting the State Library Victoria Foundation with fundraising projects.

Volunteers represent the diverse communities of Victoria and may expect to gain satisfaction from their work, personal development and participation within the Library community.

For more information about volunteering, visit Volunteering Australia.

Our charter

Our volunteer charter is the framework for an enduring commitment between the Library and its volunteers. As such, it:

  • is an agreement between the Library and its volunteers
  • is a guarantee that the Library will consult with volunteers about matters which might affect them
  • provides the framework for the Library to establish appropriate tasks for volunteers within the context of the Library's role

Volunteers will provide their services to the best of their abilities. They will:

  • act in the Library's best interests
  • support the vision and values of the Library
  • comply with the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees (see More to explore, below)
  • attend relevant training and information sessions
  • fully cooperate with the Library in any action it considers necessary to maintain a working environment which is safe and without risk to health
  • seek assistance and advice from Library staff when appropriate
  • value and support other team members, including staff and volunteers

The Library recognises volunteers' service and commitment to the Library, and pledges to:

  • provide appropriate orientation and training for volunteers to carry out their tasks and duties
  • appoint a contact person for support, advice and communication during the vounteer's engagement
  • update volunteers with information that may impact them in their role
  • provide a safe working environment

Our commitment

We and our volunteers commit to using and applying this charter in a spirit of mutual respect and good will. Where disputes arise, we will work together in this same spirit to resolve them.