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Goal two: Empowering through knowledge


Engagement with the Library inspires curiosity and creativity, and builds new skills.

75% of our visitors will learn or create.


The Library influences success in education and employment, and contributes to health and wellbeing.

We maximise our beautiful spaces to support curiosity, creativity and skill development.

We deliver flexible, creative and scalable programs that respond to identified community needs.

Every program aligns with our strategy and outcomes can be measured for success.

Transforming programming capability

Build staff capability to design and deliver impactful programs and collaborate with partners from across creative industries to produce unforgettable, immersive experiences for our audience.

Creating impact for our diverse community

Design and deliver products, services and experiences that support individuals to gain new skills and knowledge.

Our programs will address the following themes:

  • big ideas: democracy, citizenship and our place in the world
  • books, storytelling and literary culture
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • truth, doubt and perspectives in a changing world.

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