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Goal three: Open and inviting

Credit: James Braund

We surprise, delight and inform by sharing stories, collections, spaces and expertise.


We reach more people in more ways than ever before.


We introduce new ways to discover, share and use our collections through technology and expertise that supports access and engagement.

We create broad-reaching, innovative exhibitions and programs that encourage curiosity, discovery and participation.

We celebrate and further build the role of libraries as drivers of social, cultural, educational and economic growth.

Strategic initiatives

Digital collection discovery

Open up our collections for discovery, sharing and creative use by introducing intuitive digital interfaces underpinned by robust technology systems. This will be supported by increased staff capabilities in digital collecting, preservation and access.

Exhibition journey

Inspire people to connect to our collections in imaginative ways through creative and contemporary curation and design of exhibitions onsite, regionally and online.

Key performance indicators

  • Increased percentage of collection items discoverable online
  • Increased access to collections
  • Increase in first-time visitation online
  • Increase in exhibition attendance and participation
  • Enhanced volunteer engagement
  • Improved percentage of satisfied visitors.