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Goal one: People at the heart

Credit: James Braund

The needs of the people we serve are central to all that we do.


We are relevant and valued, driven by the needs of the community we serve.


We foster a strong culture that places people at the centre of all our decision-making.

We support students and researchers of all ages by designing services and spaces that meet their changing needs.

We develop a deeper understanding of community needs by investing in consultation, data gathering and ongoing analysis.

We collaborate with users and stakeholders to design our services and spaces.

Strategic initiatives

Vision 2020 and BOSS2

Redevelop our building to open 40 per cent more public space, transform our digital delivery and create a welcoming experience for all visitors.

New model for customer service

Reshape our front-of-house customer service, applying our new service principles in the redeveloped building.

Key performance indicators

  • Increase in new visitation onsite and online
  • Increase in return visitation onsite and online
  • Improved percentage of satisfied visitors
  • Increase in number of Library Members and Friends
  • Enhanced volunteer engagement
  • Increase in program attendance and participation.