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Goal four: A library for the future

We are agile, innovative and forward-thinking. We offer world-class library services today and are building strong foundations for tomorrow.


We are a recognised world leader in libraries, programs and partnerships.


We are a world leader in contemporary library services and spaces.

We ensure long-term sustainability by diversifying our funding and revenue sources.

We are a partner of choice, contributing to Victoria’s social, economic and cultural growth.

We empower entrepreneurs and innovators to bring ideas to life.

We build our skills and embrace change. We learn from others and we share what we learn.

Strategic iniatives

Operational agility and sustainability

Align our business operations with our strategic priorities, ensuring every decision is based on audience needs, supported by solid data and evidence. Build a sustainable future by increasing revenue streams.

Connected network of ideas and debate

Facilitate discussion and debate by being a hub for digitally connected events. Link audiences and speakers in our new e-Town Hall with regional, national and international audiences.


Develop partnerships within Victoria’s innovation industries and provide pathways for emerging entrepreneurs to connect with mentors, programs, resources and advice.

Key performance indicators

  • Increased returns from diverse revenue streams 
  • Successful delivery of new service models, digital services and exhibitions 
  • Increased percentage of activities supported through targeted partnerships
  • Increased profile as a key part of Victoria’s education sector
  • Growth in attendance at e-Town Hall events
  • Improved staff satisfaction.