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Goal four: A library for the future


A sustainable business model enables the Library to deliver cultural, social and economic benefits to the State. Every dollar invested by government generates more than a $3.20 benefit to the community.


We ensure every dollar invested by government is maximised and delivers significant benefits to the State.

We invest in our people, making our expert workforce as productive and capable as they can be.

Every decision supports the outcomes we seek to deliver.

We leverage government’s investment by generating own-sourced revenue.

We capitalise on our unique and incredible assets, ensuring that they deliver exceptional experiences.

Every aspect of our operation is as effective as possible.

Building excellence and expertise in our workforce

Continue to invest in our team so the Library remains a great place to work and is a highly productive workplace.

Data-led decision making

Implement an enterprise approach to data analysis and business intelligence to support decision-making and future planning.

Driving a sustainable funding model

Advocate for a scalable funding model to support our core remit and growth in demand.

Diversify funding and revenue sources through a new membership program, a new business model for tourism, continued development of our philanthropic and commercial capability and refinement of our strategic partnership framework.

Developing enduring infrastructure

Develop a robust medium-long term schedule to care for and maximise our iconic buildings and digital infrastructure.

Advancing a process-based, efficient organisation

Use lean methodology to drive efficiency of purpose.

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