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Open access for everyone

Opening our collections to everyone is the first guiding principle of the Library's Collections and Content Strategy 2020.

Our aim is to make our collections and content open, free, discoverable and easy to use – whether this is online, on our shelves, or within the community.

The possibilities for using our collections and content are endless.

Our aim is to find new ways to share our collections and remove barriers to their use.

We work with our community to understand their needs and advocate for their access.

Our expert staff enable access to our collections and content.


  • Prioritise our collection management practices such as accessioning and cataloguing, with our highest use, unique collections and target audiences – including regional, CALD and young learners
  • Align our digitising processes and criteria with our target audiences, usage trends, historical significance and preservation considerations
  • Align our open access collections and storage choices with our highest use collections – world knowledge, arts and family history – and improve how we measure use in these collections
  • Implement a dedicated space for parents and children in a ‘family zone’ and investigate the development of a lending collection for young learners
  • Increase access to content by developing application programming interfaces (APIs) for our collections
  • Enhance browsing and discoverability of our physical collections by creating a central collections zone with new signage and display
  • Improve access to our physical collections by streamlining our collection request processes
  • Enhance browsing and discoverability of our digital collections through new curation technologies, mobile apps, digital exhibitions, and by developing new search interfaces
  • Increase prominence of digitising on demand as a means to access collection items.