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Active & responsive collecting

Actively nurturing our collection is the second guiding principle of the Library's Collections and Content Strategy 2020.

The scope of our collections and content is deep and rich, while also being diverse and varied.

We actively nurture and build on our collecting strengths as we respond to emerging topics, formats and social interests.

Our expert staff connect people to the best ideas and information the world offers, within and beyond our collections.

We collaborate with other cultural institutions to ensure our collections are complementary.


  • Develop a strategy for collecting digital ‘news’ content including social media, blogs and other non-mainstream publications
  • Develop collection strengths in historic and contemporary resources relating to regional, CALD, Indigenous and young learner audiences
  • Foster partnerships with international, national and state institutions to connect with their content and collections
  • Support staff in developing and maintaining collection expertise
  • Develop and implement a proactive collecting plan to acquire the archives of key Victorian photographers, writers and political identities.