Russell Beedles Performing Arts Fellowship

White Night projections, La Trobe Reading Room

The Library offers a specialist fellowship to support applicants wanting to utilise the Library's collections on a project exploring theatre and the performing arts in Victoria.

The Library's collections include theatre programmes and ephemera, plus material on theatre studies; scriptwriting and production; drama, opera, ballet, musical theatre, vaudeville, puppetry and magic; theatres, concert halls and venues; festivals and events.

The fellowship carries a grant of $15,000 and is for a period of three months full time, or longer if undertaken in a part-time capacity.

Please note: this fellowship project is an opportunity to explore the diversity of performing arts in all of its forms and may result in new works or research. Plese include how you intend to do this in your response to Question 9 in the application form.

Applications for the 2017–18 Fellowship closed on Sunday 23 April 2017. The recipient will be officially welcomed in late July.

If you have specific questions about the Russell Beedles Theatre and the Performing Arts Fellowship requirements or selection process, contact Gail Schmidt at or on 03 8664 7335.

About Russell Beedles

The Russell Beedles Performing Arts Fellowship is named in honour of Russell Beedles (1939–2011), who was an award-winning playwright, performer and teacher across a range of creative and performing arts.

Russell performed, directed and taught theatre, opera and drama, wrote plays and short stories, and taught students at school and tertiary level.

The Russell Beedles Performing Arts Fellowship has been supported by a generous donation from the Beedles family.