La Trobe Society Fellowship

Monument by Peter Corlett commemorating Charles Joseph La Trobe, Superintendent of the Port Phillip District and later Lieutenant-Governor of the colony of Victoria.

Australian historians, scholars and writers wanting to research Victoria's colonial history during Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe's administration can apply for a La Trobe Society Fellowship.

The fellowship runs for three months full-time or six months part-time and is worth $12,500.

Note: the Latrobe Society Fellowship will not be offered in 2016.

About Charles Joseph La Trobe

Charles Joseph La Trobe was Superintendent of the Port Phillip District of New South Wales from 1839 to 1851. He was Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria from 1851 until 1854, when he left Australia. La Trobe was instrumental in the Library's formation. As Lieutenant-Governor he set aside land and funds, and appointed Redmond Barry as chairman of the trustees of the then Melbourne Public Library.

About the La Trobe Society

The La Trobe Society was formed in 2001 to promote recognition and understanding of the achievements of Charles Joseph La Trobe. It celebrates La Trobe's birthday annually, hosts lectures, special functions and other events throughout the year and distributes the journal La Trobeana to its members three times per year. The Society raised funds to erect a bronze statue of La Trobe on the forecourt of the State Library Victoria in November 2006.