Amor Residency at Baldessin Press & Studio

Bluestone studio at St Andrews built by George Baldessin in 1971

The State Library Victoria, in partnership with the Baldessin Press, offers a special residency opportunity as part of the annual fellowship program.

The Amor Residency at Baldessin Press & Studio is generously supported by artist Rick Amor and the Baldessin Press & Studio in St Andrews. Situated in bushland 50 km from Melbourne, the studio is named in memory of artist, printmaker and sculptor George Baldessin (1939–78), who built the bluestone studio in 1971.

The residency is offered to a visual artist wishing to explore works on paper, in particular printmaking, using research material from the State Library.

The Amor Residency at Baldessin Press & Studio may take place at any time within the year of the award, according to the recipient's project and research plans. The offer may include accommodation, printmaking tuition or technical support, materials or editioning to the sum of $5000.

The recipient also has the opportunity to participate in an event to present their project to the Library, the public and other supporters.

More information

If you have specific questions about the Amor Residency at Baldessin Press & Studio requirements or selection process, contact Gail Schmidt at or on 03 8664 7335.

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