ST Gill as eyewitness: Art as historical evidence

This seminar reflects on artist ST Gill as an 'eyewitness' to colonial life in 19th-century Australia.

Diggers on the way to Bendigo, ST Gill, 1869
Credit: ST Gill
29 September 2015, 6:00pm7:30pm
Location Village Roadshow Theatrette
via Entry 3, La Trobe Street
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Celebrating the first ever retrospective of one of Australia's forgotten artists, ST Gill, this seminar reflects on Gill as an 'eyewitness' to colonial life in 19th-century Australia. Join us for the inside story on how historians have used Gill's works to make sense of the colonial past, from the Victorian goldfields to horse racing.

The free exhibition Australian sketchbook: Colonial life and the art of ST Gill is now on at the State Library.

Chair: Associate Professor Alison Inglis, University of Melbourne

Speakers: Emeritus Prof. Sasha Grishin (ANU, Exhibition curator), Dr Jan Croggon (Historian, Sovereign Hill Museums Association) and Dr Andrew Lemon (professional historian)

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