Printing the page

Experience the messiness of ink as your lines of text take shape from letters made of lead!

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Teaching one of the patients to work a hand printing press, c. 1943, The Argus
31 May 2016
Various sessions available, see booking links below
Phone: 03 8664 7099
Location Keith Murdoch Gallery
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Experience the messiness of ink and the upside-down and back-to-frontness of hand-set type. Thrill as lines of text take shape from letters made of lead – plus, explore the history of poetry and the printed page.

Presented in partnership with the Print Council of Australia (PCA).

  • Set, print & bind your poem, 1–3.30pm BOOKED OUT

Learn how to hand-set and print type in this workshop on traditional letterpress methods! Bring your own three-line poem to tyepest, print and read at the end of the event. Text must be no more than three lines, and each line must be no longer than four or five words.  Limited places are available.

Attend multiple demonstrations of hand-setting and printing poems, including those by workshop participants and Francesca Sasnaitis. Feel free to stay for as little or as long as you like! Bookings required.

  • Fine art prints & poetry readings, 5.30–6.30pm BOOK ONLINE

Marian Crawford, Print Council of Australia, and Carolyn Fraser, State Library Victoria, will discuss the relationship between poets and hand press printers, and explore the history of the small press movement that began in the late 19th-century. The discussion will be followed by readings of poems printed during the workshop. Bookings required.