Imagined animals animated with Neil Sanders

Learn the art of hand-drawn animation with professional animator Neil Sanders.

Artwork by Neil Sanders
Credit: Artwork by Neil Sanders
12 January 2015, 10:00am12:00pm
12 January 2015, 1:00pm4:00pm
13 January 2015, 10:00am12:00pm
13 January 2015, 1:00pm4:00pm
$30 (5-8yrs); $40 (9-12yrs)

Learn the art of hand-drawn animation with Neil Sanders, an illustrator and animator based in Melbourne. Inspired by the giant Illustrated index of imagined animals, work with professional animators to bring your own imagined animal to life in these hands-on workshops during the school holidays.

Neil Sanders teaches illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic and is a co-founder of and contributor to LoopdeLoop, a blog and monthly screening dedicated to animated loops. He loves to make up characters and then bring them to life through animation, and he has a lot of fun working with other creative people on their ideas too.

Ages 5–8 years:

Ages 9–12 years:

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