Donate items to the collection

By donating items to the Library you can help us fill gaps in our collection and expand our resources.

Donations are assessed according to the guidelines in the Collection & resources development policy (CRDP) and the Library's Donations policy. Refer to the CRDP to check the specific materials the Library collects – we don't usually accept donations beyond the scope of what's outlined in this policy. Examples of our collection strengths are books and journals published in Australia, and publications about the fine and performing arts, chess and World War I.

We are pleased to accept:

  • older books, journals and pamphlets published in Victoria that the Library does not already hold
  • materials not traditionally associated with libraries, such as pictures, maps, manuscripts and CD-ROMs

Materials we don't accept include:

  • student textbooks
  • duplicates of titles already held, except for Victorian publications
  • children's non-fiction
  • popular non-Australian fiction
  • very technical scientific materials

If you are considering donating items to the Library, please contact us on 03 8664 7146 to discuss your offer, or email

Cultural Gifts Program

If you donate a valuable item such as a rare book or illustration to the Library you may be eligible to receive a tax deduction under the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program. For more details, see our Cultural gifts policy.

Legal deposit

By law, publishers must supply the State Library with a copy of new items published in Victoria, including books, CDs, DVDs and brochures. Find out how to make a legal deposit.

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