Requesting items from other libraries

If you can't obtain the collection item you need from us, you may be able to request it from another library.

Information about the types of material available for loan and the loan periods is available in the ILRS directory entry and the National and State Libraries of Australasia's Collaborative lending principles.

If the item you're after is available from a national or state library of Australia, you can contact the library directly:

Or, we can source books and journals from other libraries for you.

Conditions & charges

The State Library of Victoria charges a fee for this service, and our estimated delivery time is two weeks for core requests.

'Express' and 'rush' services are available if you need to obtain information from other libraries fast. We can also approach overseas libraries on your behalf, with a delivery time of around four weeks, depending on the supplier.

  • core loan or copy – $16.50
  • rush copy – $33.00
  • rush loan – $45.40
  • express copy – $49.50
  • express loan – $61.90
  • international copy – $25.00
  • international loan – $45.00

How do I access this service?

If you're at the Library you can request forms from staff at any of the information desks. If you're off site you can contact our document supply service directly.

More information

Document supply
State Library of Victoria
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tel 8664 7159