Disability assistance & technologies

If you have a disability, we can help you find information and provide assistance at events at the Library.

Our Assistive Technology Room has a range of equipment and software that can help you access Library resources. You can also find assistive technologies throughout the Library.

We can arrange Auslan or Relay interpreters, or an audio induction loop at our events and provide lecture materials in different formats including braille and audio files.

For more information about access and facilities for people with a disability, see our disability action plan or call our disability services librarian on 03 8664 7005. Teletypewriter (TTY) callers can contact us on 03 9639 7006.

While our staff can help you use assistive technology equipment, we're unable to provide instruction on the use of adaptive software. Vision Australia offers software training.

Assistive Technology Room

The Assistive Technology Room contains:

  • tracking balls
  • a Merlin magnifier
  • a ScanR, which scans and reads print and can save to Braille Notes

Document holders, magnifiers, keyboard stands, headphones, microphones, perspex keyboard covers and alternate keyboards are also available from the Assistive Technology Room.

Computers in the room have the following software:

  • Jaws for Windows
  • ZoomText
  • Kurzweil 1000 Software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • UReader

If you want to use the room, you'll need to tell us in advance by calling 03 8664 7005 or speaking to one of the librarians in the Information Centre.

To get to the Assistive Technology Room, turn left at the entrance to the Information Centre.

Other assistive technology

Book rests, magnifying sheets, illuminated magnifiers and magnifying glasses for readers with low vision are available in all the reading rooms. You can ask for these at any information desk.

People with disabilities have priority access to one computer with internet access in the Information Centre. They can also use other computers throughout the Library.

A Smartview black-and-white magnifier for readers with low vision is located in the Redmond Barry Reading Room.

Events at the Library

All our event venues are wheelchair accessible. You can read more about access & facilities for disabled visitors including information on parking, wheelchair access ramps and where to find the Library's lifts.

If you need an Auslan or Relay interpreter, or an audio induction loop at an event please let us know when you book. In addition to the permanent audio induction loop in the Village Roadshow Theatrette, we can also provide upon request portable loops for those with and without hearing aids.

Many of our events are recorded. Where this is the case, we may be able to provide, upon request, transcripts in braille or large print, or a CD or DVD of the recording. See audio & video to see and hear some of our past events.


If you have a disability and require support from a companion to attend a Library event, your companion will receive free entry if you present a Companion card. If you book over the phone, let us know that you require a Companion ticket.

Visit the Companion card website for more information.

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