Using your camera

You can use your camera to copy Library material or photograph the building anywhere except the Keith Murdoch Gallery.

Most print and digital materials can be copied with a camera, video camera or mobile phone, but there are some conditions and restrictions.

Conditions and restrictions

When you copy Library material with your camera you need to comply with:

Due to copyright and privacy restrictions within the Australian Manuscripts and Pictures Collections, copying with personal photographic equipment is not permitted without the authorisation of the Collection Manager. Conditions also apply to copying material such as pictures, maps, rare books and manuscripts in the Heritage Collections Reading Room. For details ask Heritage Collection staff or phone 03 8664 7009.

Staff may withdraw permission to use a camera in the Library at any time. In some cases you can only copy materials with your camera under the supervision of Library staff, and a supervision fee will be charged.

You cannot reproduce (including on websites) any copies you make without our permission.

For more information see our Use of personal copying equipment in the Library policy.

Using a flash

You can only use a flash if it doesn't disrupt other people in the Library. If you're taking photos of text material you'll usually get better results without a flash.

Photography equipment

Tripods less than 50cm in height are allowed as long as they don't damage collection items or inconvenience other Library users.

Bags containing photographic equipment need to be presented to our security staff when you leave the Library. See our baggage policy for more information.

Commercial and media photography requests

Commercial filming and photography requests can be made to our venue hire team, and photography requests from the media can be made to our media officer.