Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: February 26th 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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At a meeting of Subscribers
eld this day at Fawkners
Hotel Melbourne Port Phillip
The following arrangements
were made
First day
The Town Plate of 25 Sovereigns
St lb
3 yrs old - 8-6
4 yrs old - 9-0
5 yrs old - 9-6
6 a and aged - 9-12
Entrance one Pound
Two mile Heats -
Ladies Purse
of Twenty Sovereigns
Gentlemens Riders
St lbs
3 years old - 9-12
5 yrs old - 10-5
5 yrs old - 11-10
6 and aged - 12-0
Entrance one Pound
(Heats) one mile & a distance
Second day
Hunter Stakes of 15 Sovereigns
Gentlemen Riders one
mile and a distance with
5 leaps 4 feet high, Heats
Catch Weights
Beaten Horses Stakes of
ten Sovereigns weight
ame as per Town plate
Post Entry ten Shillings
One mile and a distance
Heats -
No Horse will be allowed to
enter unless the bona fide
property of a Subscriber of two
All Horses to entered at
Fawkners Hotel for the
three first Races on the 5th
March from 7 to ten oClock PM
Beaten Horses Post Entry -
Winning Horses will pay
one pound to the Clerk of the
Course for the use of the
Scales and Weights -
Disputes if any will be
Settled by the Stewards
on the Course
W D G Wood & H Arthur Esqre
Mr F Noddin
Clerk of the Course
Mr Morley
Fawkners Hotel
February the 15th 1838
The Melbourne Race
Club will dine at Fawk
ners Hotel on the last
day of the Races

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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