Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: February 26th 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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On Sale
At the Stores of Mr Jno
Batman at low price for
Per late arrivals
Taylors Superior Brown Stout
in Hhds
Dunbar and Sons Bottled
ale in three dozen Cases
Marsalla Wine in Hhds
" " " - quarter Casks
" " " - half Aums
Superior Cognac Brandy
" " " Geneva
" " " Jamaica Rum
Mauritius Sugar - Hysonskin
Tea - Flour - Paint oil -
Turpentine - White Lead -
Black and green Paint.
[...] Cannister Gunpowder
Shot of Sizes - Flat Square
and round Iron assorted -
yacht Shirts - Scotch Caps
Moleskin Trowsers - Cord & olive
Velveteen do - Superior blue
Cloth do - Swans down and
Plush Waistcoats - Striped
Shirts - Duck Frocks -
velveteen Shooting Jackets
Fushan do -
Superior Witney Blankets
8/4 9/4 10/4 11/4 -
Pocket Knives - Wool Bagg
Window Glass
Superior Cavendish Tobacco
Colonial do - &c - &c -
also 7
Fat Beef mutton and
Lamb at 5 pence per pound
Potatoes &c - &c -
First Established
Hotel in Melbourne Fawkners Hotel
Supplies to the Traveller & Soujourner
all the usual requisites of a board
ing house and Hotel of the
very best quality being mostly laid
in from the first Mercantile
house in Cornwall V D Land
in addition to which there will
be found mental recreation of
a high order - There are provid
ed - 7 English and 5 Colonial
Weekly. Newspapers. 7 British
Monthly Magazines - three
quarterly British Reviews
up to July and August 1837
A very Choice Selection
of Books including Novels
Poetry. Theology. History
Philosophy Chemistry &c
NB A late Encyclopedia
the use of any of these W
will be free to the Lodg
at the above Hotel -

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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