Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: February 12th 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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On Sale
At the Stores of the under
signed Superior Isle of France
£ s d
Sugar per lb by the bag " " 4 ½
Loaf Sugar per pound "-"-10 d
Fine first flour pr 100 lbs @ 1-5-0
Flour in Barrels Do " 1-0-0
Tea per Chest 6-0-0
per ½ Chest 3-5-0
Do per ¼ Chest 1-15-0
Oats pr Bushel - " 8-0
Porter in Hhdds per Hhdd @ 7-0-0
Ale in Do per Do @ 8-0-0
Bottle Porter per Dozen @ "-16-0
Do Ale per Dozen @ " 18-0
Launceston Shingles @ " 18-0
Hobarton Do pr 1000 @ 1-1-0
Quartering per 100 feet @ "-16-0
Batten Boards and {
Joists per 100 feet { "-18-0
Potatoes per Cwt " 12-0
Terms Cash, or approve
Orders on, Sydney, Launce
or Hobart Town.
W. F. A. Ruck
Melbourne February 9th
All our real labour lies
in a nutshell. The mind make
at some period or other, one
Herculean effort and the rest
is Mechanical -
Now Landing
By the undersigned
An assortment of Looking
Glasses Chairs.
Superior English Saddlery
Cart Harness
A Hand some English Stanhop
Gentlemens Clothing
Blankets and Rugs
Childrens Boots and Shoes
Windsor Soap Wax Candles
Cut Glasses
Combs and Brushes
Ivory Balance handled
Knives and Forks &c &c
W. F. A. Rucker
Melbourne February 7th 1838

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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