Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: January 22nd 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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Farewell: alas what boots it that so long
I loved thee with as pure and fond a love
As ever mother did the cradle dove
That lives but on her smiles: Amid a throng
Of others - aye of fairer - thou alone
Wert my souls Idol, and upon the throne
Of true affection, thou for years hast reigned
But now another wins that smile, which I
Would have risked Life, and Fame, but to have gained
And basked in its bright sunny Witchery's
But fare thee well. I'd breath no word or sigh
Whose shadow could reproach thy gentle breast
Still with all happiness mayest thou be blest
Though I live on unloved; unmourned perchance may die
"Oh cast thou not
Affection from thee: in this bitter world,
Hold to thy Heart, that only Treasure fast;
Watch - guard it - suffer not a breath to dim
The bright geni's purity"
Melbourne 11th January 1838
The undersigned most respectfully
begs to to inform his friends and
the Public he has on sale at
the Stores of Mr John Batman
fo Cash only
Fat Beef mutton { £ s d
and Lamb per pound { "-"5
Best Flour per 100 lbs 1-5-0
New Potatoes per pound "-"-3
Good Old Jamaica Rum {
Above proof per Gallon { 0-15-0
Old Madeira in cases {
per Dozen { 2-2-0
Do Port in Do {
per Do { 1-18-0
Best Cavendish Tobacco pr lb - 5-6
Shot of various Sizes {
at 9 pence per pound { 9
And many other articles at
equally low prices
The undersigned will also allow his
Butcher to call daily upon Families for
Orders B.G. Hollins
We are requested by a Mr Peevor
to say that Cummerford did not
take a Gun from him he adds
that it was from a Mr Piper
We were right to a P
On Sunday the 14 Current the
Schooner Sarah from Sydney An
chored in this Bay and during the
gale in the night lost her Bowsprit
and Both her masts while at Anchor
on Tuesday while running up under
Jury masts she was run upon a reef
at Gillibrands Point this was evident
ly for want of care she was got off the
same day through the help of Captn
Hugh McLean without any Further
damage and came up to Melbourne
on Thursday the 18th Mrs Robt
Allan and Family came by this vessel
which left Sydney the 7 Current
The Stewards, and others
Well disposed to the Melbourne
Races, are requested to attend a
meeting at Fawkners Hotel on
Saturday the 27th instant at noon
N.B. Shipped for Launcesto pr Industry 400 Wethers
20 Jany Arrived the Cutter Charlotte
From Hobart Town Cargo Sundry
The James Watt Steamer
from Sydney via Launceston
with goods and passengers
21 The Schooner Industry Trundle
with 600 Sheep from
George Town
The Schooner Tamar 700
Sheep from George Town
22 To Sail this day the Port Phillip Packet
The Industry and Tamar are
about to leave this Port for George
Town on the 24 as also the James Watt
for Sydney

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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