Title: The Melbourne Advertiser, Port Phillip
Date: January [1st] 1838.
Accession Number: MS13486
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W. F. A Ruckers list Contd.
Hobart Town & Launceston [...]
timber of every description
New Zealand Pine
Nails, Batten, Shingle & Hurdle
Shoemakers. Toe and Heel sprigs
Leather. Sole. Kip & Kangaroo
Saddlery. Saddles. Whips spurs
Spades and Shovels. Locks & Hinges
Gunpowder, & Shot. Needles & Twine
Best London made Beaver &
Gossamer Hats. Black and White
Manilla Hats and Caps.
Bagging and Wool Packs
Together with a variety of
other most useful articles
too numerous for insertion
in a written Advertiser.
W. F. A Rucker
Queen Street Melbourne 29 Decr 1837.
Blacksmith & Farrier.
Adjoining Fawkners Hotel
Work done in the above branches
in a neat and expeditious manner
An Extra Charge will be made
when Credit is taken
Launceston Prices for Cash
The first Established Hotel in Melbourne
Fawkners Hotel being in
possession of a large and well selected
Library and of English and Colonial
papers to a late date
Offers at once Mental as well as
bodily refreshment unrivalled in
this quarter of the Globe, Lodgers
are allowed the use of the library
Gratis, There are 7 English and 5 Colonial
Weekly papers - 7 Monthly and 3
Quarterly British Reviews & Mages.
Shipping Intelligence
Arrived at Melbourne from 25 Dec to Jan 1st
Brig = Henry, Whiting, Sheep [Note: from] Launceston
Schooner Enterprize, Hunter, Lime & Stone. [Note: Point] Nepean
Cutter, Domain ( [Note: Decr] 31) Morgan, Sundries - Launn
Departures from 25 Decr to Jany 1
Schooners. Yarra Yarra, Lancey. Ballt, [Note: to] Hobart
Blossom - Smith. Wool, " "
Tasmanian Lass, Gardiner, " " " "
Brig.. Henry - Whiting. Ballt. Geo. Town
Cutter Rebecca, Bell - " " to Geelong
--. Mary Robson - to Launn via Geelong -
The following description of Men & Women
will find plenty of employment and
good wages at Melbourne,
Stone Cutters, Masons, & Quarrymen,
Brickmakers and Hodmen, Tailors
and Hairdressers (none here)
House Servants both male & Female,
good plain Cooks,
Shepherds and Carters,
A Report has reached Melbourne
that Cummerfield the Murderer who was sent
from Sydney to point out where the 7 men were
said to be murdered has Killed the Two
Constables and One Soldier who had him in
charge and is now at large in the Bush well
mounted and Armed.
A party of Volunteers are gone in Pursuit.
All advertisements must be paid for Monthly
and the number of insertions should be stated
or they will be continued till countermanded
Orders to discontinue must be given
on Mondays.

This manuscript is one of a selection of documents relating to the early European settlement of Victoria.
This digital copy of the manuscript was created as part of the Port Phillip Papers Digitisation Project.

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