PLN Plus

Get ready for a new experience in professional learning. PLN Plus is an online course based on the principles of collaborative and networked learning. Together and in independent project teams, we’ll look at practical and conceptual approaches to:

  • creating communities online
  • shifting school cultures
  • changing practice in the digital world
  • the future of learning.

We’ll look beyond all the shiny new tools to concepts and questions such as:

  • What does it take to be an effective learner?
  • What roles does technology play?
  • How can we challenge ourselves and others to learn and collaborate?

This short course is designed for school library teams and educators who are active in Personal Learning Networks or have completed one of our VicPLN courses previously.

It will involve four units with tasks completed online in groups and individually, with an onsite professional development follow-up event (streamed online and recorded for those who can’t attend in person). You can participate as an individual or as part of a school team.

PLN Plus course dates

The PLN Plus course may be offered again in 2015.

More information

For more information phone 03 8664 7099 or email