Past recipients: the R E Ross Trust Playwrights' Script Development Awards

Past recipients of the R E Ross Trust Playwrights' Script Development Awards have included new writers along with well-known contributors to Melbourne's theatre scene.

These writers have worked on a wide range of scripts, many of which have made their way into production after a successful development process.


  • Didem Caia, Vile
  • Trudy Helllier, Just perfect
  • Mari Lourey, Dirt songs
  • Tobias Manderson-Galvin, The unknown man on Somerton Beach


  • Margaret Cameron, Opera for a small mammal
  • Angus Cerini, Scowl
  • Jodi Gallagher, Prophet
  • Monica Raszewski, There are trees that are dancers


  • Jane Montgomery Griffiths, A little piece for her sister
  • Jane Miller, True love travels on a gravel road
  • Peta Brady, Strands
  • Diane Stubbings, The parricide


  • Barry Dickins, A kind of fabulous hatred
  • Xenia Hanusiak, Ward B
  • Felix Nobis, The boy out of the country
  • Glenn Shea, Three magpies perched in a tree


  • Bridgette Burton, Rhonda is in therapy
  • Angus Cerini, Save for crying
  • Declan Greene,  Pompeii, LA
  • Thomas Henning, Raging in the name of the dead


  • Angela Betzien, The orphanage opera
  • Barry Dickins, Whiteley's incredible blue
  • Lally Katz, Return to earth
  • Carly Nugent, Shots


  • Penelope Bartlau, Dispatch
  • Aidan Fennessy, Big noise
  • Declan Greene, A black joy
  • Tom Holloway, Love my black dog
  • Kit Lazaroo, Topsy
  • Glenn Perry, The children's Bach


  • Patricia Cornelius, Do not go gentle...
  • Suzanne Ingleton, The flower of Malaya
  • Lachlan Philpott, Colder
  • Monica Raszewski, Egg shell
  • Vivienne Walshe, I shot the albatross (but I taught it how to land)


  • Bridgette Jane Burton, Killing Jeremy
  • Darinka E Kralj, Sand in the glass
  • Mari Lourey, Bear witness (to my savage heart)
  • Robert Reid, A mile in her shadow
  • Shane Taylor, Ghosts and lepers
  • Jianguo Wu, Kites of broken strings


  • Anthony Crowley, Shadow passion
  • Sandra Long, Duets for lovers and dreamers
  • Nic Velissaris, Brother boy
  • Pauline Whyman, That's a good question


  • Catherine Lazaroo, True adventures of a soul lost at sea
  • Alexandra Collier, Still waiting
  • David Blackman, The revisionist
  • Tee O'Neill, Best possible world