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Online publications & websites

Since the late 1990s the Library has been collecting Victorian online publications and websites from the internet and adding them to an archive, known as PANDORA, located at the National Library of Australia.

Online publications are unlike others in our collection. They vary in form and content and can include broadcasting, manuscripts, historical documents, family trees or street-level arts. The average life of an online publication or website is much shorter than its print equivalent, so it’s important to archive copies to make them viewable for future generations.

From the Diary of an Average Australian to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, PANDORA at the State Library of Victoria seeks to capture Victorian life and thought as it appears online to preserve it for the future. You can browse a range of subjects including, government, local sport and arts, genealogy, social issues, election campaigns, and people and culture.

To understand how we choose what to collect, read our collection & resources development policy.

If an item in our catalogue is available in PANDORA you will see the link 'Archived at ANL for VSL' immediately below the catalogue entry. Clicking on this link will take you through to the PANDORA publication.

You can also find archived online publications and websites through the National Library of Australia website.