Martin Flanagan on political challenges

Martin Flanagan discusses the factors that enable some people to rise to the political challenges of their times, while others fail to do so. He discusses insights gleaned from writing his book The fight.

The book is a portrait of (and is co-written with) Martin's long-time friend, Labor Party icon and peace activist Tom Uren. It examines why Uren's generation thought they could change the world and articulates Uren's vision of the spirit that will enable Australia to move forward in a balanced and positive way.

Martin is an award-winning sports journalist, a poet, a public speaker and an established author. His books comprise several works of non-fiction, a novel and memoirs including The call, about Australian football founder Tom Wills, and 1970 and other stories of the Australian game.

This Stephen Murray-Smith Lecture was held on 17 October 2006.