Crime writers on Melbourne's mean streets

Place often plays a powerful role in crime fiction. It's impossible to imagine Raymond Chandler without LA, or Agatha Christie without the English countryside.

Melbourne has inspired its fair share of crime fiction that probes the city's underbelly – from mysterious hansom cabs to strange goings-on in suburbia. A panel of some of its leading exponents explore the local side of crime, including:

  • Simon Clews, director, Writing Centre for Scholars and Researchers, University of Melbourne
  • Kerry Greenwood, creator of the Phryne Fisher series of historical detective novels
  • Shane Maloney, creator of the Murray Whelan crime series
  • Garry Disher, creator of two series of crime novels: the Wyatt series and the Challis/Destry series.

This discussion was held at the State Library of Victoria on Thursday 7 June 2007. It was part of All About Books week, which celebrated books and, in particular, showcased the Library's permanent exhibition Mirror of the World.