Mammad Aidani on authenticity, devotion & friendship in Rumi's poetry

In this lecture, Dr Mammad Aidani analyses the word 'devotion' as a window onto contemporary ways of understanding mystic Sufi poet Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi. In doing so, Mammad explores what it means to be Persian and to participate in 'dialogue' in friendship, love, politics, community and the divine.

Dr Mammad Aidani has a PhD in hermeneutics and phenomenological psychology, and an MA in sociolinguistics and identity. His current research project focuses on perceptions, interpretations and ways of trauma and suffering amongst Iranian diaspora men.

This lecture was part of the 2012 Love and devotion Persian Cultural Crossroads conference. The transliterations used in the video captions and transcript are those of the speaker.