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eJournals, ebooks & CD-ROMs

We have thousands of ebooks, ejournals, magazines and newspaper databases (and many CD-ROM databases), covering a wide range of topics. You can explore the full range of subscription databases on offer through the subject listing for users in the Library. If you have a State Library card and live in Victoria, you can access many of these from home.

There is current and archival information, ranging from the research-oriented to the popular, with an Australian and international focus. eJournal back files are generally limited to the past ten or 20 years; however, some collections such as JSTOR have complete coverage of an extensive range of scholarly journals in full text. The Periodicals index online provides an index of many journals that the Library owns in print.

Some databases have wide topical coverage, including Academic search complete, ProQuest 5000 international and Informit complete (for research from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region).

Other databases cater for specific areas of interest. These include Naxos video library, Consumer health complete, First World War: personal experiences, Literature criticism online, IBISWorld (for Australian industry reports), OECD iLibrary (for economics, statistics and other business metrics), Standards online and the Building code of Australia.

The library has an extensive range of ebooks which compliment our print collection and you can search for ebooks on any subject in our catalogue. We also subscribe to ebook encyclopedia and reference titles including the Oxford English dictionary, Gale virtual reference library, Encyclopaedia Britannica online and Safari books online (for technology, digital media and business).

An extensive collection of CD-ROMs, especially those useful for family history research, is available within the Library.

The Library catalogue is your best guide to the full range of resources. Information-rich free websites are also included.