Richard Aitken on the garden of ideas

From the passions of colonial and immigrant garden-makers to the classic designs of Edna Walling and the concerns of 21st-century gardeners, the story of Australian garden style reflects our social and cultural history and the wide extremes of our continent.

This inspiring lecture by architect, historian and curator Richard Aitken, the inaugural Suzanne Hunt Memorial Lecture, was presented in honour of Suzanne Hunt (1946–2008), writer and long-time member of the Australian Garden History Society.

Richard Aitken is a Melbourne-based architect, historian, curator and poeticist. His books include The Oxford companion to Australian gardens (2002), Gardenesque(2004), Botanical riches (2006) and The garden of ideas (2010).

This lecture was presented in association with the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society.

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