The future of the school library

A panel of speakers explore the purpose, shape and future of school libraries, including issues around:

  • public policy
  • relationships to curriculum
  • evidence-based design of a learning environment
  • educational planning embedded in an architectural practice
  • the challenge of making it work in a 'brave new world'.

The panel includes:

  • Sue Hamilton, director of Community, Learning and Public Library Partnerships, State Library of Victoria
  • Tom Bentley, executive director for Policy and Cabinet, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria; director of Applied Learning at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government; trustee, Per Capita think tank; author of  Learning beyond the classroom: education for a changing world, (Routledge, 1998) and The creative age: knowledge and skills for a new economy (Demos, 1999); and member, Library Board of Victoria
  • Annalise Gehling, associate educational planner with Fielding Nair International
  • Dr Susan La Marca, a youth literature and library consultant, a former teacher-librarian and educator, editor of Synergy, the research journal of the School Library Association of Victoria, associate editor of the journal Viewpoint: on books for young adults, co-author with Dr Pam Macintyre of Knowing readers: unlocking the pleasures of reading (2006), and editor of Rethink! Ideas for inspiring school library design (2007)
  • Jennifer Sargeant, director of Information Resources and a leading teacher at Coburg Senior High School, previously head of Information Services at Toorak College

This panel session was part of the 2007 International School Libraries Day Conference: Inquiring minds + Flexible thinking = School libraries. Presented by the State Library of Victoria with the School Library Association of Victoria on Monday 22 October 2007.