Tim Whitford on identity & dignity

Speaker(s): Tim Whitford

  • Date recorded: 18 Sep 2013

  • Duration: 47:24

'One fellow, Hewk Nevitt from Bendigo records that if you took the contents of a thousand butchers shops and you threw it on the ground, that would give you some idea.'

- Tim Whitford

About this video

This is a moving talk about family history and the missing Diggers of Fromelles.

Tim Whitford recounts his path to tracing the missing Australian soldiers of the battle of Fromelles, pursuing the idea that some soldiers had actually broken through the German lines and were not in fact missing - they’d been killed in battle and buried by the German army.

This lecture was part of the 2013 Family History Feast.


Tim Whitford is an education outreach officer at the Shrine of Remembrance.