Steven Kafkarisos on the Library's military history collection

Speaker(s): Steven Kafkarisos

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  • Date recorded: 25 Sep 2013

  • Duration: 45:15

' I can still be surprised by the richness of the general collection and by the depth of the military history collection available within the broader Library.'

- Steven Kafkarisos

About this video

Watch this lecture about the State Library of Victoria's military history collection, by Steven Kafkarisos.

As Steven notes in 1915 State Library of Victoria's annual report: ‘The trustees are making a special collection of books on the European war and they have already obtained several hundred volumes and pamphlets. The section devoted to the war will doubtless be one of the largest in the Library.’

This comment has well been borne out; the amount of World War One material collected by the Library was extraordinary.


Steven Kafkarisos is a librarian at the State Library of Victoria, and has worked mostly in the humanities and social sciences area at the library.