Bob Santamaria's influence on Victoria

An eminent panel examine the influence of BA Santamaria on Australia's political and social scene from the 1930s to the 1980s. Chaired by Ian Renard, chancellor of the University of Melbourne, the panel includes Paul Duffy SJ, Sam Lipski AM, emeritus professor John Molony and Patrick Morgan.

This panel discussion was held at the State Library of Victoria on 26 August 2008.

Bartholomew Augustine (Bob) Santamaria (1915–98) made his name as a key figure in 'the movement', a Catholic network which aimed to combat the influence of communism within trade unions. When 'the movement' was denounced by federal Labor Party leader Dr H.V. Evatt, the split saw the creation of the Democratic Labor Party. This contributed to the ALP remaining in opposition federally and in Victoria and Queensland for nearly three decades.

Santamaria's influence continued through the agency of the National Civic Council, his published commentaries and the television program Point of view. He remained a key figure in the political and social life of Australia until the 1980s.

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