Cultivating critical minds: online research skills for a post-truth world

Woman entering data into a computer, Rennie Ellis, 1980s
$350 for offsite delivery at your school, $250 for onsite delivery at the Library; $180 for offsite delivery when paired with student outreach program; 10% discount for schools with an ICSEA less than 1000
State Library Victoria

Duration: 60 minutes
Year level: Secondary teachers
Capacity: up to 100
Venue: State Library Victoria, or outreach

Discover how to prepare your students for research in a 'post-truth' world in this interactive workshop for secondary school teachers, presented by State Library Victoria.

Our team of expert researchers and educators will equip teachers to help students find reliable sources and navigate the 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' they encounter online.

Teachers will learn:

  • the latest theory and research on digital literacy
  • criteria for critically evaluating online sources and websites
  • tips for effective Google searching
  • how to access a range of free databases, academic journals, articles and other reliable sources through the State Library Victoria website.