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Royal Society for Questions & Curiosity – useful links

Use these digital learning tools and online resources to support your teaching related to the Royal Society for Questions & Curiosity video, and its associated activity.

History of the State Library of Victoria

  • General Library history – find out more about the history of the Library to help answer some of Dimity and Reginald's questions
  • Heritage architecture – discover more about the Library's facade, statues and front lawn, which feature in the opening scenes of the video
  • Sir Redmond Barry – learn about the Library's founder, who was also Victoria's first Solicitor-General

Library spaces and services

  • Roof of the domed reading room – read a first-hand account of the rejuvenation of the grand roof that Dimity and Reginald visit after entering the Library
  • Dome Centenary website – a content-rich website celebrating activites, events and recollections about the domed reading room in its centenary year
  • Ask a librarian – Dimity asks a question of the librarian at the Information Desk, but you can also ask questions online
  • Join the Library – members can request books, order digital copies and use our online databases
  • Queen's Hall – a beautiful historic space that Dimity thinks may be haunted

Library collections and exhibitions

  • Genealogy – Reginald wanted to know what this word meant, here you can find out
  • Newspapers –  Dimity and Reginald found boxes and reels of microfilm that are part of this collection
  • Mirror of the world – the permanent Dome Gallery exhibition where Dimity and Reginald explore old and rare books
  • Changing face of Victoria – the permanent Dome Gallery exhibition where Dimity and Reginald look at historical artefacts, including Ned Kelly's armour

Collection items

  • A medieval manuscript – view a digitised copy of a rare handwritten book that dates back to the 14th century
  • Ned Kelly's armour – a fascinating artefact that prompted Dimity to ask, 'Who wore that?'
  • Midget Library – the smallest books in our collection!
  • John James Audubon's Birds of America – a valuable item, and one of the tallest books in our collection (it measures one metre from top to bottom)!
  • Camel hair – brought back from the Burke and Wills expedition, this item prompted Dimity to ask 'Whose hair is that?'
  • Mourning brooch made from the hair of pioneer Anne Drysdale – Reginald asked, 'Whose hair is that?', although it hardly looks like hair at all!
  • Melbourne, 1836 – an early painting of Melbourne that prompted Reginald to ask, 'Is this a place I know?'