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Dome Centenary teaching materials

During the 100th anniversary of the domed La Trobe Reading Room, we're celebrating key people, significant places and defining moments in the history of the State Library of Victoria, and Victoria more broadly.

These resources include:

The inquiry units are based on the e5 Instructional Model and align with the Australian Curriculum and AusVELS for Years 1, 2, 5, 6 and 9.

The classroom activities can be used in conjunction with the inquiry units, or delivered independently and adapted for other year levels.

The Royal Society for Questions & Curiosity video can be used in conjunction with its dedicated activity to develop students' skills in questioning and critical thinking.

If you're planning to visit the Library with students, you can browse the Royal Society for Questions & Curiosity useful links page to find out more about some of the Library's collection items, exhibitions and spaces seen in the video.

Engage your students further with a school visit to the Enchanted dome exhibition; or read a selection of dome stories from the community, and invite your students as a class to share their own dome story.