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Index to Illustrations of Aborigines in Illustrated Newspapers of Colonial Australia

Illustrated Sydney News, 1853–55

26/11/53 The native arts
7/1/54 South Australian natives fishing in the River Murray
18/2/54 Rickety Rick (An Australian Aborigine)
1/7/54 Was the boomerang used in ancient Egypt?
16/9/54 Medal given to Jackey Jackey
16/12/54 Dundalli [Aborigine accused of a crime]
10/3/55 Group of native weapons, etc, from Moreton Bay
16/6/55 Percy Island — Scene of the late murder of Mr F. Strange and party by the natives

Newsletter of Australasia, 1856–62 [NA]

3/57 Aborigines of Victoria [Double portrait of man and woman/See IMP 5/7/62]
4/57 Portrait of Thomas Bungaleene
6/57 The Corroboree
9/57 Notabilities of Bendigo [See IMP 19/6/62]
12/57 Australian native weapons and implements
6/61 Aborigines fighting
11/61 Mt Buninyong, near Ballaarat [See IMP 25/4/62]
3/62 The Aborigines of Australia, ‘The Bottle’ [See IMP 12/7/62]
10/62 Bark canoes on the Murray River: ‘Overland Corner’ [See IMP 8/11/62]

Illustrated Australian Mail, 1861–2 [IAM]

22/3/62 An Australian ‘Gin’ Palace’
22/3/62 Group of Aborigines fishing with spears
21/7/62 Mission Station of the Church of England, for the Diocese of Melbourne, to the Aborigines situated at Telta [Yelta], on the Lower Murray
25/10/62 Aborigines on the shore of Lake Menindie
25/11/62 Natives watching Cadell's steamer on the River Murray [See IMP 4/4/63]

Illustrated Melbourne Post, 1862–8 [IMP]

25/4/62 Mt Buninyong [Reprint NA 11/61]
24/5/62 Aboriginal courtship
19/6/62 Curious trees near Bendigo [Reprint NA 9/57]
5/7/62 Native man and woman [Reprint NA 3/57]
12/7/62 Aboriginal Fight [Reprint NA 3/62]
30/8/62 Landsborough's Aborigines
6/9/62 The Aborigines. Grand Corroboree
30/9/62 Sneaking the emu
8/11/62 Bark canoes on the River Murray [Reprint NA 10/62]
3/1/63 Lake Menindie. Natives spearing cormorants [See ISN 16/2/65]
21/3/63 Native Encampment [reproduction of E. von Guerard, Stony Rises, Lake Corangamite, 1857]
4/4/63 Natives on the River Murray [Reprint IAM 25/11/62]
25/5/63 Natives fishing on the Darling [See ISN 16/12/64]
25/6/63 Deputation of Victorian Aborigines at the Governor's levee
25/7/63 Native graves, Wentworth, New South Wales [See ISN 16/9/64]
24/3/64 South Australian natives drying their dead [See ISN 16/1/66]
24/3/64 Native corrobberie [See ISN 16/6/65]
24/3/64 Aboriginal station — Upper Yarra, near Melbourne
25/5/64 Natives attacking a shepherd's hut
25/7/64 Native funeral on the River Murray [Reprint ISN 16/7/64]
20/8/64 The distribution of blankets to the Australian natives [Reprint ISN 17/8/64]
22/9/64 Carrangge, Native Chief, South Australia
25/11/64 The last of the Tasmanians [Reprint ISN 16/11/64]
22/12/64 Aboriginal Customs in South Australia: A native inquest
25/1/65 Native warrier (South Australia), defending himself from three spears
18/4/65 The avengers; or Settlers tracking the blacks [See ISN 16/3/66]
24/6/65 Native corpse in a gum tree [See ISN 16/10/66]
25/8/65 Aboriginal customs — The ceremony of depilation [See ISN 21/1/69]
25/9/65 Native catching crayfish
24/2/66 The Aboriginal Station, Coranderrk. A native prayer-meeting
25/4/66 The Native Mission Station, Lake Alexandrina, South Australia
26/5/66 “Plenty tucker” [Reprint ISN 16/5/66]
27/7/66 Conflict on the Rufus, South Australia [Historical]
27/9/66 Sketches of the Aborigines. Co-o-ey
26/1/67 The Aboriginal Cricket Match on the M.C.G. ground
25/2/67 Victorian Aborigines — “Old Cotton” and his lubra
27/5/67 Australian Aborigines — Peace/War [Two images]
27/7/67 A corroboree of the Australian Aborigines [Supplement/Reprint ISN 15/6/67]
24/8/67 Australian alligators attacking a Native girl [Reprint ISN 16/7/67]
28/3/68 Natives killing parrots [See ISN 28/12/68]
18/7/68 Coo-e-e! — Coo-e-e!! Australian Blacks returning to their camp [Supplement/See IAN 5/9/68]
13/8/68 Natives catching turtle in the Murray

Illustrated Australian News, 1862–96 [IAN]

24/2/64 The black trackers
24/3/64 Blackfellows opossum hunting [See ISN 3/10/68]
25/6/64 The squatter's tiger
25/10/64 Australian natives visiting an outstation [Reprint ISN 15/10/64]
23/2/65 Black fellows camp
18/3/65 Natives attacking an out-station [Reprint ISN 16/3/65]
25/5/65 Native encampment, near the Murray, South Australia
25/8/65 The Aboriginal Settlement at Coranderrk
25/8/65 Mr John Green
25/8/65 Mi Mi
25/8/65 Simon
25/8/65 Ellen
25/8/65 Old King
25/1/66 My firstborn [Reprint ISN 16/1/66]
24/3/66 Night attack of the natives near Lake Hope
27/6/66 Grog in the camp
27/8/66 Aborigines Mission Station, Ramah [Ramahyuck]
27/11/66 Native mode of spearing black swans
27/12/66 Portraits of the Aborigine cricketers
20/12/67 Murder of Mr Burke — Native trackers finding the pistols
20/9/67 Natives roasting an emu [Reprint ISN 16/9/67]
26/11/67 The Kuree Dance, as witnessed by the Duke of Edinburgh in South Australia [See ISN 25/3/68]
25/4/68 Wedding Ceremony at the Aboriginal Station, Coranderrk
5/9/68 Catching wild fowl on the Darling [Reprint ISN 4/9/68]
5/9/68 Coo-e-e! — Coo-e-e!! Australian Blacks returning to their camp [Supplement/Reprint IMP 18/7/68]
1/1/69 Ramahyuck Aboriginal Mission Station, Lake Wellington, Gipps Land
22/2/69 The tribe of hairless men [Reprint ISN 18/2/69]
22/2/69 Stalking pelicans [See ISN 27/9/73]
19/4/69 Lubras fishing on Lake Tyers
19/4/69 “King Billy” [Last male Tasmanian Aborigine]
15/5/69 A native camp near Lake Wellington
7/8/69 Black camp, Lake Tyers Mission Station, Gipps Land
21/2/70 Native hunters
21/5/70 Queensland natives procurring fire
30/1/71 Natives of the Northern Territory, Port Darwin
20/3/71 South Australian natives fishing — Near Rapid Bay, at the mouth of the Parananakoopa Creek [See ISN 17/4/71]
22/4/71 A group of Aborigines [See ISN 12/6/71]
1/2/72 The white captive [Reprint ISN 20/1/72]
21/5/72 Aboriginal fishing camp on the River Murray near Lake Moira [Reprint ISN 11/5/72]
10/9/72 Hop picking by Australian Aborigines [See ISN 23/11/72]
30/1/73 Queensland blacks attacking Chinese diggers on the Gilbert River [See ISN 15/2/73]
21/2/73 Chinese agricultural labourers taking revenge on a colored overseer [Near Ballarat/Reprint ISN 15/2/73]
18/3/74 Attack by natives on the Barrow's Creek Telegraph Station [See ISN 28/3/74]
7/9/74 Skipton Jackey Jackey and his tribe at the opening of the Beaufort railway [See ISN 19/9/74]
7/10/74 Lake Condah Aboriginal Station [See ISN 14/11/74]
29/12/75 The return to the old hunting ground [Supplement/Reprint ISN 11/12/75]
18/4/76 The hop kilns, Coranderrk [See ISN 29/4/76]
18/4/76 The hop grounds — dinner time [See ISN 29/4/76]
12/6/76 Queen Lidgiwidgi Trucanini (Lalla Rookh). The last of the Tasmanian Aborigines [See ISN 24/6/76]
10/7/76 Hawkers at the Aboriginal Station, Coranderrk [See ISN 22/7/76]
1/11/76 A skirmish near Green Creek, Queensland [Between Native Police and Aborigines/Reprint ISN 12/10/76]
14/5/77 Jimmy Dunbar and his lubra — The last of the Mordialloc tribe [See ISN 21/7/77]
14/5/77 Native huts at Trinity Bay, Queensland [See ISN 26/5/77]
23/1/78 Arrival of blacks with flags of truce at Dagworth Station, Queensland [See ISN 26/1/78]
23/1/78 The Aborigines Holiday at Badger Creek, near Coranderrk Hop Grounds [See ISN 15/6/78]
12/4/79 The Kelly's Gang — Queensland Native Police search party
29/1/81 Coranderrk (Backwater of the Yarra)
21/12/81 The return of the hunting party [Supplement]
22/3/82 Mission Station, Dimboola [Two images]
22/3/82 The council of war [Aborigines hunting swans in a canoe]
23/10/83 Native graves [Western Australia]
26/12/84 Ration day
10/12/85 Christmas Day in the far north — A visit from a King's daughter
10/12/85 “A native funeral” A reminiscence of the Murray River [Supplement]
6/1/86 Vice-regal visit to Ramahyuk Aboriginal Station — Presentation of the Address of Welcome to the Governor
3/3/86 Aboriginal group for the Indian and Colonial Exhibition [Lifesize model of an Aboriginal camp from 50 years ago]
30/4/87 Robbing a bee tree [Supplement]
20/8/87 A war dance at Dalhousie Station, Northern Territory
1/10/89 West Australian natives shifting camp
2/12/89 Aboriginal Myths — The Origin of Water
1/1/90 Aboriginal Myths — Loo Ern
1/6/90 Aboriginal Myths — Koolchee, the whirlwind
1/10/90 Aboriginal Myths — The Bunyip
1/4/92 Australian Natives Convention [Supplement/Aboriginal girl surrounded by native animals]
1/12/93 Aboriginals surprised by a camel team
1/2/95 The New Norica Aboriginal Mission [Western Australia]
1/10/95 Dolce far niete: An Aboriginal interpretation
1/7/96 Natives and native carvings in North Australia [Six images]

Illustrated Sydney News, 1864–94 [ISN]

16/7/64 Scene on the River Murray — Natives burying their dead [See IMP 25/7/64]
17/8/64 The distribution of blankets to the blacks of Queensland [See IMP 20/8/64]
16/9/64 Native's graves [Reprint IMP 25/7/63]
15/10/64 Blacks visiting out-stations [See IAN 25/10/64]
16/11/64 The last of the Tasmanian natives [See IMP 25/11/64]
16/12/64 View on the River Darling — Natives fishing [Reprint IMP 25/5/63]
16/2/65 Natives catching birds [Reprint IMP 3/1/63]
16/3/65 Blacks attacking an out-station [See IAN 18/3/65]
16/6/65 Native “Corroboree” [Reprint IMP 24/3/64]
16/1/66 My firstborn [See IAN 25/1/66]
16/1/66 Natives burying their dead [Reprint IMP 24/3/64]
16/3/66 The Avengers [Reprint IMP 18/4/65]
16/5/66 ‘Plenty Patter’ [See IMP 26/5/66]
16/7/66 Natives camping [See ISN 19/3/73]
16/8/66 Bush life: Blacks visiting the shepherd's hut [See ISN 19/3/73]
16/10/66 Native corpse in gum trees [Reprint IMP 24/6/65]
16/5/67 Murray River natives
16/5/67 Natives attacking settlers in Queensland
15/6/67 The murder of M.T. Ulicke Burke at Piggoreet, near Ballarat, Victoria — Trackers finding the pistols
15/6/67 A Corroboree of the Australian Aborigines [Supplement/Reprint IMP 27/7/67]
16/7/67 Alligator seizing native girl in Queensland [See IMP 24/8/67]
16/9/67 Aboriginals roasting emu [See IAN 20/9/67]
25/3/68 Corroboree held in South Australia in the presence of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh [Reprint IAN 26/11/67]
4/9/68 Aborigines netting wild fowl on the Murray River [See IAN 5/9/68]
3/10/68 Aborigines opossum hunting [Reprint IAN 24/3/64]
28/12/68 Natives killing parrots [Reprint IMP 28/3/68]
21/6/69 Aboriginal Customs — The ceremony of depilation [Reprint IMP 25/8/65]
18/2/69 Hairless men of Carpentaria [See IAN 22/2/69]
20/9/69 Australian blacks stealing on a shepherd
20/1/70 An Aboriginal burial place
11/5/70 “Shifting camp”
8/6/70 Queensland native cutting bark
17/4/71 South Australian natives fishing — Near Rapid Bay, at the mouth of the Parananakoopa Creek [Reprint IAN 20/3/71]
12/6/71 A group of Aborigines [Reprint IAN 22/4/71]
20/1/72 The white captive [See IAN 1/2/72]
11/5/72 Aboriginal fishing camp on the River Wakool [See IAN 21/5/72]
23/1/72 Hop picking by Australian Aborigines [Reprint IAN 10/9/72]
18/1/73 A corroboree of the Australian Aborigines [Supplement]
15/2/73 Queensland blacks attacking Chinese diggers on the Gilbert River [Reprint IAN 30/1/73]
15/2/73 Chinese agricultural labourers taking revenge on a colored overseer [Near Ballarat/See IAN 21/2/73]
19/3/73 Blacks visiting an out-station on the Bogan, N.S.W. [Reprint ISN 16/8/66]
19/3/73 Native camp on the Murrumbidgee [Reprint ISN 16/7/66]
5/7/73 Save himself who can [Supplement/Historical: Aborigines ambushing overlanders]
27/9/73 Stalking pelicans [Reprint IAN 22/2/69]
28/3/74 Attack by natives on the Barrow's Creek Telegraph Station [Reprint IAN 18/3/74]
19/9/74 Skipton Jackey Jackey and his tribe at the opening of the Beaufort railway [Reprint ISN 7/9/74]
14/11/74 Lake Condah Aboriginal Station [Reprint ISN 7/10/74]
?/?/74 Customs of Aboriginals in New South Wales — “Punishment” [Supplement]
?/?/74 The customs of the Aboriginals in New South Wales, “The sleeping Scout” [Supplement]
16/10/75 Playing at Blackfellow [Supplement/European children playing at being Aborigines]
11/12/75 The old hunting ground revisited [Supplement/See IAN 29/12/75]
29/4/76 The Corranderrk Aboriginal Hop Farm — The hop kilns/The dinner hour [Two images: Reprint IAN 18/4/76]
24/6/76 Queen Lidgiwidgi Trucanini (Lalla Rookh). The last of the Tasmanian Aborigines [Reprint IAN 12/6/76]
22/7/76 Hawkers at an Aboriginal Station [Reprint IAN 10/7/76]
12/10/76 A skirmish near Green Creek, Queensland [Between Native Police and Aborigines/See IAN 1/11/76]
26/5/77 Native huts on the River Sachs, North Queensland [Reprint IAN 14/5/77]
21/7/77 The last of the Mordialloc tribe [Reprint IAN 14/5/77]
26/1/78 Arrival of the blacks with flags of truce at Dagworth Station, Queensland [Reprint IAN 23/1/78]
15/6/78 Badger Creek, Coranderrk [Reprint IAN 23/1/78]
20/12/79 The Festive Season — Father Christmas acclimatised [Bearded colonist resting on a cane chaise longue on a verandah being attended by six Aborigines]
15/5/80 Sydney Aborigines — Past and Present
30/10/80 Burial place of the last of the Native Kings at Wallerawang
20/1/83 Leaden Persuasion. An incident of Pioneer Life in the north. [Supplement/Historical]
2/7/83 Corroboree at Warrangesda Mission Station
1/9/83 At the Aboriginal Mission Station, Warrangesda
29/9/83 An Aboriginal home in 1789
10/5/84 Only a face at the window [Aborigine surprising a woman alone in a hut by looking in through the window]
24/10/85 A critical moment [Supplement/Historical: Aborigine about to spear a young bushman only to be shot by latter's mate.]
16/10/86 A strange track [Supplement]

Australasian Sketcher, 1873–89

19/7/73 The Queen's Birthday at Brisbane — Distribution of blankets to the Aborigines
21/3/74 Besieged by blacks [Historical: Attack on a telegraph station]
18/4/74 A bush photograph
5/9/74 The Aboriginal Mission Station Ramahuk, Gipps Land
19/2/76 On the road to the Palmer: An attack by the blacks
10/6/76 Trucanini, the last of the Tasmanians
12/5/77 The last of the Mordialloc tribe of Aborigines
1/9/77 Views in Gipps Land — Missionary Station at Lake Tyers
27/10/77 Attacked by blacks [North Queensland]
19/1/78 A flag of truce: An incident in the Queensland bush
19/1/78 Black's canoe race, Reeves River, Gipps Land
13/4/78 Native plan of disposing the dead, Wide Bay, Queensland
15/2/79 Views of native life
15/3/79 A black tracker
15/3/79 Native sketches
12/3/79 A game of euchre
5/7/79 Native tree-climbing, Boggy Creek Track, Gipps Land
31/7/80 Blackfellows spearing eels, Gipps Land
18/6/81 The black tracker [Supplement]
8/10/81 Native spearing wallaby, MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia
26/8/82 The native encampment, Zoological Gardens, Royal Park [Model of an Aboriginal camp]
16/12/82 A visit home [Supplement/Aboriginal stockman visiting his parents in their mia mia]
11/2/85 A camp of Aboriginals, Brighton, A.D. 1885
29/6/85 Aboriginal Corrobboree at Adelaide
24/8/85 Sketches at lake Tyers
21/9/85 Views of Charleville — Blacks receiving blankets, 24 May
13/1/86 The Bloomfield blacks [On a sugar cane plantation]
7/4/86 Aboriginal Life at Coranderrk — A native canoe — Husband and wives
7/4/86 Memorial obelisk to the Aborigines
14/6/87 ‘Cubadgee,’ A tall Australian black


Since approximately 20 per cent of illustrations in the papers were reprints, these images have been cross-referenced. Where an image was reprinted in another paper, this is noted as ‘See …’ Where an image was reprinted from another paper, this is noted as ‘Reprint …’
In the 1860s, some issues of both the Illustrated Melbourne Post and Illustrated Australian News were often reprinted in the one month with different dates, usually a week apart. For example, the Illustrated Melbourne Post of 18 July 1864 and 25 July 1864. Whilst confusing, the main point to remember is that both papers were published monthly, meaning that the two different daily dates do not really matter.
Some supplements were coloured, others were not; no distinction has been made.
Peter Dowling