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No 50 Spring 1992

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Detail from the Cyclorama of Early Melbourne by John Hennings (La Trobe Library Collection, State Library of Victoria)
La Trobe Library Journal
published by The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Editor: Teresa Pagliaro
Photography: Adrian Flint
Proofreading: Andrew Lemon, Mimi Colligan
Vol.13, No.50 (Issued June 1993) Spring 1992


Full Circle: the Cyclorama of Early Melbourne 1892-1920 — Mimi Colligan 1
Pictures In Victoria — Images as Records in The La Trobe Library Pictures Collection: A Personal View — Christine Downer12
This World And The Next: Annie Bright's Progress as Writer and Editor — Lurline Stuart20
Select List of Accessions to the Australian Manuscripts Collection 1991-229
Family Ties: The Creation of Frederick McCubbin's Reputation 1920-60 — Peter McNeil32
Ronnie Jakamarra Lawson — Brian Buckley40
The La Trobe Library Journal is published twice yearly, in Autumn and Spring. The annual subscription (payable La Trobe Library Journal, State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000) is $12 including postage.
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