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No 45 Autumn 1990

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La Trobe Library Journal
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The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Vol. 12, No. 45 (Issued July 1991) Autumn, 1990


Introduction — Deborah Breen 1
Conservation: A Joint Effort — W. J. H. Baillie 2
Scriptores Historiae Augustae — Des Cowley 6
The Conservation Treatment of Scriptores Historiae Augustae — Robin Tait 8
Samuel Jackson and the Panorama of Early Melbourne — Mimi Colligan 12
The Conservation Treatment of Samuel Jackson's Panorama of Early Melbourne — Deborah Breen 13
Environmental Control and Good Housekeeping to preserve your collection — J. A. Millard 17
A Case for Everything? Boxes and Enclosures for Library Materials — David G. Harris 22
The Care of Books — Michael Lester 26
Preservation of Mixed Photograhic Collections — Mary Cox 31
Dealing with Documents — David G. Harris 35
Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms 38
Appendix 2: Guidelines for Commissioning Conservation Treatment for Cultural Objects 41
Appendix 3: Supplies of small quantities of Conservation Materials 42
Appendix 4: Useful Contacts and Organisations 46
Appendix 5: Simple recipe for starch paste 46
Guest Editor: Deborah Breen
The La Trobe Library Journal is published twice yearly, in Autumn and Spring. The annual subscription (payable to La Trobe Library Journal, State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia) is $12.00 including postage. The price of this special issue is $8.00.
A list of back copies is available on request.
Cover Design: Montage of some tools and materials used in the Conservation of library materials, set up by David G. Harris and photographed by Adrian Flint.
ISSN 0041-3151