State Library of Victoria > La Trobe Journal

No 44 Spring 1989


Artists: Uncle Will Dyson

In 1984 the Library received a fine little collection of papers of the artist and cartoonist Will Dyson. Though some of the papers are no more than rough jottings, they show very starkly Dyson's reactions to the brutality and ugly profiteering of the First World War. In gentler mood is this self-caricature, presented as a birthday gift to his niece Jocelyn from “William Henry Fortescue Washington Dyson”.
The donor of these papers to the Library was this same Jocelyn.

“7th Brigade Reserve ration dump of “bully” and biscuits brought up by Indian Mule Transport to Chailak Dere, Anzac — Sept. 1915.”

“The first letter”.

“My dugout on Cheshire Ridge, Sept. 1915.”